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Alchemy (Free Software inside)

VistiVisti Registered User regular
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So, I have no idea how widespread this is, but man.. that Alchemy software is awesome if you like doing speedpaints. It does a lot of groovy things that I don't really have the knowhow to explain, so I guess I'll post some media?

Firstly: link

Secondly: Andrew Jones uses this program. And a video of him using it is even on the frontpage of that linked site. Fact: Andrew Jones is fantasticalus.

Here's a forumpost on CA that has renowned concept artist Sparth doing stuff with the software.

And it's free! Check it out!

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    Soo... spam?

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  • VistiVisti Registered User regular
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    NibCrom wrote: »

    Is this the wrong place to post this or is it the obvious "I wonder if this guy's a shill"-reprehension?

    Anyhow, I thought people would like to try it and it's even opensource and junk, so I figured what the hell. I am not affiliated with this program in any way, shape or form and it seems even the people who are don't make any profit off of this thing.

    I may have gotten a bit overexcited in my first post, however.. After using the program some, it does seem a tad unwieldy. But I guess it's still Alpha. It's not like it interferes with workflow if you just export whatever shape you came up with and renders it in photoshop or painter or such.

    I don't know how Android has the guts to do his liveshows with a piece of Alpha software, though. That man is reckless!

    ps. I'm not a shill. I just like opensource.

    Edit: Okay, I've obviously completely misjudged what to post here and a mod can move or close this at any point.

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    Yeah, shutting this down. Posting a heads-up to something like this isn't a problem, just take it to the chat thread instead of starting a new thread for it.

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