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Mic In Mystery Noise?

Sir Red of the MantiSir Red of the Manti Registered User regular
edited August 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
Recently my mic-in slot went near silent on my laptop. When pulling up voice diagnostics in XP, my mic-in appears to have noise, like so:


However, there was nothing hooked up to the mic-in slot at the time I took this, and these levels remain constant even with something connected and working. Anything I have hooked up to the slot has been barely audible even with mic sensitivity turned up all the way and the 20db boost on (as in strain to hear with volume cranked to max, so the slot itself is still picking up something), though I don't hear any unusual noise and the headphones and speakers sound fine when playing music and such. Trying to record anything from the mic-in only produces a silent track. I've uninstalled and reinstalled various versions of the audio drivers for this comp with no result, and have tested everything on another computer to make sure that it's an issue with the comp and not the mics/audio devices. Is there any way to recalibrate the mic levels and get sensitivity back? I know I could just throw in a USB mic or an external sound device and likely bypass the issue, but I'd rather find a way to get this thing working right again if possible.

Sir Red of the Manti on


  • DrFrylockDrFrylock Registered User regular
    edited August 2008
    Well, it could be your mic port is bad.

    However, can you post a screenshot of your recording controls in Volume Control?

    Bring up the Volume Control, then go to the Options menu, then select 'Properties.' Click on the radio button next to "Recording" and make sure all the sources in the bottom are checked. Hit OK, then take a screenshot and post it.

    In general, if you want to record from the mic, the checkbox under "Microphone" should be selected. You can also adjust the volume, and there may be additional advanced controls.

    DrFrylock on
  • Sir Red of the MantiSir Red of the Manti Registered User regular
    edited August 2008
    If you're wondering if I've set my mic as the default recording device and have sensitivity at max, indeed I have.


    I've basically pulled every windows sound device trick I can think of to get this thing working, cranking sensitivity up wherever I can and such, cycling through all my recording options, etc. At this point, I'm more interested in a third party way to pull diagnostics on the chip and somehow get the mic levels re-calibrated. The laptop is an HP zv6000, and the audio chip is by Conexant.

    Sir Red of the Manti on
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