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I AM BECOME A MAN (gender politics???)

Randall_FlaggRandall_Flagg Registered User
edited August 2008 in Singularity Engine++
okay so I have decided that I self-identify with men so that is my new gender

also Randall Fagg is my slave name; henceforthe I shall be known as The Man Fagg; otherwise you are a bigot mmmkay

anyway getting down to business this is a gender politics thread and I really made this because I am taking a class on feminism and queer theory right now!

so! feminism (I am a feminist (mostly because that means I can throw down fisticuffs with ladies if they get feisty with me (because I treat them equal to men), but for other reasons too) and it is awesome! you dudes should try it!)!

first wave feminism: ladies like sojourner truth and lizzy stanton and also pimpin dudes like plato and johnny s mill. these dudes (this is a gender-neutral "dudes" fyi) argued that even though ladies are inferior to men, they still need to vote because they need to vote about stuff that affects babies and kids and sanitation etc

second wave feminism: postwar (WWII, for the foobs here), Betty Friedan argues that the "problem with no name" (which is paradoxical, because in naming the problem such she denies the nonexistence of a suitable name) is that ladies is having a malaise because they went to college but aren't allowed to work. also! angela davis who is a black panther and shit so that be pretty chill and she says betty is racist and that oppression isn't linear e.g. a poor black lesbian like her was oppressed in profoundly different ways than were poor white lesbians or rich black lesbians, etc

and I haven't learned third wave feminism yet but I hear it is pretty chill

ALSO! QUEER THEORY! It sounds awesome but I don't really know too much about it yet. Something about Madonna? I think she challenges our gender roles or something

So! Feminism!

And Queer theory!

Great theory...or the greatest theory????


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