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Speedrun Showcase for '07

RandomEngyRandomEngy Registered User regular
edited September 2006 in PAX Archive
I didn't get a chance to attend the '06 one, but from reading the discussion thread at speeddemosarchive, it looks like there were tool-assisted runs (some labeled, some not) mixed in with real speedruns. I was hoping that next year, whoever is planning that event might ask for input from the speedrunning community, to ensure that entertaining and legit runs are chosen.

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  • xxhennersxxxxhennersxx Registered User regular
    edited September 2006
    yeah, the zelda speed run was definatly ran on an emulator. you could tell because when he went from screen to screen, the black around his items and health would be transparent and show the rest of the screen. Mario wasn't tool assisted, if it was...well it was a rather weak one. I'm not so sure about metroid.

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