Input on 2 LCD TVs welcome - Mods feel free to consolidate if necessary

ArtereisArtereis Registered User regular
I'm trying to decide which of 2 TVs I'd rather purchase. They're both pretty close in specs, but if someone has some personal experience with them I'd love some input.

LG 32"

Samsung 32"

I own an LG monitor, and so I'm somewhat biased toward that TV, but I have a line of credit with Newegg that would allow for financing.

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    killa283killa283 Registered User regular
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    I would personally recommend the Samsung from Newegg. Mostly because I have had no bad experience with Samsung products yet, and I own quite a bit of them (1080p 40" LCD, 20.5" LCD monitor...)

    I have not owned any LG products though, so it is a bit biased.

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    TransparentTransparent Registered User regular
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    Based on reputation Samsung. It's been a while since I was able to compare pictures in a store, but the picture on LG TVs didn't hold up to Samsung back when I worked retail.

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