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Help me remember some random book from my childhood

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So it's been bothering the crap out of me the past few days, I can't for the life of me remember these books I used to read when I was a little kid. They were about kids who could transform into various monsters. We're not talking animals here, this isn't Animorphs, though it was around the exact same time in the 90s when Animorphs and Goosebumps were extremely popular. These were a little darker than Animorphs and I would love to at least remember the name of these things.

Wish I could be more specific - all I seem to remember is that there were these monster type creatures basically invading our normal world, and varous kids who had the powers to transform into some of these monsters were basically fighting them and surviving. I seem to remember some type of little gremlin monster that was friendly with them and was a bit of a leader.

So there you go, H/A. It's vague and it's a longshot, but I've seen crazier things get found on this forum.

TLDR - OP wants to remember the name of some books from the early 90s about kids who could shapeshift into monsters. No it's not Animorphs.

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