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One Lonely Ginger

logicboxlogicbox Registered User new member
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Hey this is a first-timer here at PAX (well conventions in general) and I wasn't lucky enough to convince any of my friends to come along for the trip, so I am currently running solo. Although I am meeting lots of cool people and stuff I am not so much making friends as I am acquantences, and I was hoping to go through the whole of PAX with a companion or something. I am having fun and such, but really I just want some company. If you are willing to assist a newbie in convention-going and you're curious to meet a cool guy text or call me 907-382-1691. some of you may have already spotted me: little red headed dude wandering and shambling the halls looking to talk to someone. if you want to know what i look like check out my profile at believe it or not I'm a real fun guy to hang out with and I'm game to do anything, just so long as I can make some friends.

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