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Kitchen faucets and stone counters

supabeastsupabeast Registered User regular
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I have a kitchen faucet that leaks around the sides and pools up at the base. The water is dripping into a cabinet below, so I just want to replace the whole thing, which is where a problem arises. This faucet is on a stone counter and I had to use a special epoxy to mount it in place, and I have no idea how to get it off without damaging the counter. Is there an easy way to do this myself or should I just hire a professional?

Also, I’m going to be in the market for a new faucet. It seems like the old standbys—Kohler, American Standard—are just shoveling out junk for the Home Depot market, and Toto doesn’t do kitchen faucets. I’d like to go with one of the better European brands, but which ones make good kitchen faucets?

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    fuelishfuelish Registered User regular
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    Why did you epoxy the faucet to the counter? Every one I have installed has coarse screw nuts holding the faucet to the counter or basin. And then use silicone to seal it.

    Anyway, you can heat it. Use a propane torch or a high temp heat gun. You will need to be caeful if you use the torch, if you get the stone to hot it will "pop" pieces of it loose. You will not need to get it really hot you want to apply heat and use a sharp scraper to work at it. Just keep working on it with the scraper while you heat it wil suddenly go soft.

    Our last kitchen faucet was $120 unit from Lowes. It lasted seven years before one of the handles started to leak(Fixed with a $3 kit). After nine years the seal at the neck base started leaking. They had no parts for it, so we replaced it. The new one came from Home Depot. They sell decent stuff and they sell cheap stuff.

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