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Morning sickness...for dudes?

UnknownSaintUnknownSaint KasynRegistered User regular
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(Keep in mind I realize I am not going to get a medical professionals opinion from you guys, but I have gone that route extensively and come up with nothing. I am basically searching for anyone that has gone through anything remotely similar, and any advice on getting into a possible solution.)

So in the past I've made a few health-related question topics when I was in the process of getting everything checked out. My problem has been this - basically unexplained nauseua, vomiting (though this is probably only the case once or twice every couple weeks, and it's never very major), diarrhea, and general uneasy feelings throughout the first half of the day. Some days I have some success staving off most of this if I sleep in enough (though I usually wake up frequently during the morning and towards the afternoon feeling very shitty), though due to starting school soon and just moving into a new place in a new town I can't always be sleeping for twelve hours a day. This basically ruins me for the first part of the day, I would say at least half the days out of the week. I can generally get over it and get on to feeling 100% if I am eating a bit and give it time (though in this condition I can stomach few things - applesauce and small fruits to get my energy up are the best I've found).

A couple doctors, some upper GIs, and two different kinds of medication later (Promethazine to the stuff I'm on now, Metoclopramide, which is from what I can tell not too effective) things have not improved and everything came up negative - except for some acid reflux that I got to witness live in the xrays.

Throughout the entirety of this problem (which has come up probably at the start of the summer) the underlying fear was that it was a psychologically induced issue. I'm generally not a very stressed out person, but I suppose somewhere along the line preparing for transferring to a university for my 3rd year of college and more recently moving out to a new city on my own (thankfully leaving my parents that were as counterproductive as they were helpful to the whole thing) has been getting to me. I suspect this could be mental as in the past (years and years ago) after a pretty nasty case of E.Coli on a family vacation halfway across the country I was naeseous and ill at the very thought of a lenghty car drive for quite some time after I actually recovered from the E.Coli.

Currently, something that has been helpful to me is getting a more consistent sleep schedule down. My hours are extremely fucked up, and if left unchecked I will gravitate towards getting to sleep around 7am and waking up around 3pm. I've been working on moving away from the dotcom schedule and towards the 9-5 schedule, and on an average no-obligation day this seems to make the morning a bit easier for me.

I suppose that describes things well enough to give whoever is kind enough to read and respond a good idea of the situation. I realize this is a dense few paragraphs and kind of a murky issue, so I greatly appreciate anyone who has read and gives a thoughtful response. I'm not looking for medical advice, I'm essentially looking for people who have been or know people who have been in a similar situation, and what they did to ease things. Thanks again, H/A.

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    I would also tend to assume at least part of it is anxiety or some kind of stress. If you dont feel it in other areas, it could be because your feeling it in your stomach.

    I think a consistent sleep schedule would be good, as would checking your diet and trying to eliminate things that dont make you feel so great. It doestn mean your allergic but some things sit easier than others. I know for me, oranges and green peppers sit great whereas apples and carrots sometimes not as much. Similiarly I do better when I drink coke zero than when I drink regular coke, less sugar in my stomach. Like I said, there's nothing in particular I'm allergic too, just that some things sit better than others. I should mention I got E coli once when I was 8 and it kind've fucked up my head for awhile so thats why I would not be surprised for it to be pscyhological.

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    UnknownSaintUnknownSaint Kasyn Registered User regular
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    Yeah, I've been altering my diet accordingly as well. Before this began I was cutting out soda and fast food to nearly nothing, though it hasn't been much a problem, I just felt better without it. Through all of this I avoid both like the plague and I believe it is having some positive effect, though it is hard to tell through all of this shit that's going on. Weight and fitness has not been much of an issue for me, I'm actually underweight, though sometimes this is a bad thing as it hits me especially hard if I'm unable to eat for half a day. I don't exercise much, though lately have been doing a few miles of walking/jogging now and again at the fitness center in my new complex.

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    TechnicalityTechnicality Registered User regular
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    Its possible something in your diet is contributing if you've been altering it.

    For some reason I have a really bad reaction to peppers. It took me months of sporadic misery to work this out when I started trying to eat more healthily. This was mostly because I found it hard to accept that something that I really liked that was supposed to be good for me wasn't. It was only when I cooked exactly the same food for a few days, and ran out of peppers that I noticed.

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