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This thread is going to be for advice on decks you've built, are thinking of building, heard someone describe, had a dream about etc... Just write out what the deck is, what you want it to do, and how it is has played so far.

I'll start, this is my mono green deck a a few key parts are not going to be standard legal come october 6th and there are a few directions I could take it...

22 forest

4 llanowar elves
4 utopia sprawl
4 shizuko, caller of autumn
4 loxodon warhammer
4 jugan, the rising star
4 protean hulk
1 arashi, the sky asunder
4 ursapine
3 gleancrawler
3 greater good
3 mishra's bauble

Okay, I'm losing my super awesome accelerant in shizuko, flying scary dude jugan and killer of weenie fliers and all around good guy arashi. I'm also looking to replace the baubles.

Now, I saw hypergenesis, and that looks like an acceptable replacement for shizuko, but I started thinking about making it into a green pump deck instead of green fatties.

Pump: I could replace most all of this (except the hulk and maybe the ursapines) with boreal druid, moldervine cloak, might of old krosa, silhana ledgewalker and stuff like that.

Fatties: I could replace jugan with verdant force or krosan cloudscraper (or a mix of the two) and arashi can be replaced with a silklash spider. The baubles, I dunno, boreal druid, or some other accelerant (I really dont like birds and I traded my last away on friday).

edit: Is there a way that we can autocard to gatherer? I'm notvery clever with message boards

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