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Windows XP wireless network config; also, music stuttering

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On my laptop, I frequently move between two wireless networks. Both use DHCP, but on my home network I prefer to use a static IP address (outside of the DHCP range, of course) to facilitate port forwarding. Under Windows XP, is there a way to configure the wireless network connection to use a static address on the home network, but simply accept whatever DHCP assigns on the other network? I've Googled the hell out of this, but every example I can find deals with only one of the networks using DHCP, and this fact being the key to Windows deciding which configuration applies.

An unrelated issue: This laptop is a Dell Latitude D830, with a SigmaTel soundcard that identifies itself as "STAC 92xx C-Major HD Audio". I've been experiencing what almost seems to be an IRQ conflict, even though I know that should be impossible on a modern system. When there's a lot of bus activity, such as when scrolling a webpage or large text file rapidly, or when a game is loading things into memory, there is occasional stuttering of music from Windows Media Player. This happens often enough to be aggravating. I have tried updating the drivers of the soundcard and the laptop's chipset, to no avail.

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