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Mark Rein·Hagen guest

deadninja_comdeadninja_com Registered User
edited September 2006 in PAX Archive
why did i even bother?

waz is such an ass For all your deadninja needs.
deadninja_com on


  • dyaballikldyaballikl PAX Main Theatre House & Security Manager • PAX Community Cartographer Gold Coast QLD AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited September 2006
    Does anyone have a contact for him.
    I believe he was a guest at pax and i would really like to speak with him.

    i think i speak for most of us when i ask: who?

    dyaballikl on
    a.k.a. dya
    "Riding a mongoose reminds me of having sex with a man, which is something I do frequently because I am gay!" -Gabe
  • 3lwap03lwap0 Registered User regular
    edited September 2006
    He's the guy who started White Wolf.

    You know, Vampires and stuff.

    3lwap0 on
    I think Pringles original intention was to make tennis balls... but on the day the rubber was supposed to show up a truckload of potatoes came. Pringles is a laid-back company, so they just said, "Fuck it, cut em up!".
  • WazWaz Registered User
    edited September 2006
    I think a better question would be why he wants Hagens contact info in the first place. I doubt they were partying at PAX and he wants to see if they can get together and play gamecube.

    Usually information like that isn't just handed out to anyone who asks for it. It's why we have secretaries.

    Waz on
  • gates_apcogates_apco Registered User
    edited September 2006
    He wasn't at PAX. Jonathan Tweet was supposed to be but had to cancel at the last minute.

    gates_apco on
  • WazWaz Registered User
    edited September 2006
    I'm an ass for being logical? For not supporting giving out someones personal information to a stranger over the internet?

    Yeah. What a total bitch.

    Waz on
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