New to WoW, tips/ advice?

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i spotted this wow box at a thrift store last night for 3 dollars and i decided to bitre the bullet so i could play with my brother.
i played the trial about a year ago and i enjoyed it, but it took a long time to level up. i'm assuming this is doesn't change throughout the game?
and what's the verdict on the expansion? should i wait to see if i want to renew?

and if i use a code to activate, do i need to give them my credit card?

much obliged 8-)

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    Levelling pace 1-60 is about 1-3hours per level, getting slower as you get further along. XP was boosted a few patches ago, but it's still an MMO.

    Wrath of the Lich King is solely concerned with level 68+, and TBC is 58+ apart from new starting zones (which are nicer then other starting zones, but not by such a margin that it's needed), and enchants you can start to buy at level 35 (But probably can't afford on a new character), as well as tradeskill Jewelcrafting which is not one I'd advice to a starting player anyway (It's expensive and the selfbenefits are low).

    A first characters goals (in my opinion) should be:

    - Get a basic grasp of game mechanics for your class (What stats are good, which abilities, how to spec, how to behave in a group)
    - Get 40 gold as soon as possible, so you can get a mount at level 30. (Walking sucks)
    - Get a nice tradeskill combo going. Herbalism/Alchemy is the easiest to level and get benefits from and earn from, tailoring/enchanting is best for clothies and a potential moneymaker (but enchanting is a pain at 260-299), 2 out of 3 of herbalism/skinning/mining gives no benefits but good money.
    - Run some instances. They'll be really really easy at first, but coordinating as a group > going solo, and you need to grow into some habits if you become higher level.
    - Try to find a guild you like. An active levelling up guild is free advice all the time, chatting, and instance runs at times as well. You could play on a PA server perhaps.
    - Learn some addon basics. You don't have to roll with a full custom UI right at level 1, but some things just make your life a lot easier.

    The changes in XP mean you don't have to do the hard/annoying quests anymore. If something isn't going well, just move on to the next area. There's more then enough xp going around (In fact, my latest character is levelling up on the Kalimdor continent only just as a fun selfchallenge, so skipping half the zones in the game).

    Special note: If you have a friend who already plays, get on the special trial with him. You can level up together at triple the speed (but you need to both be online). He'll also recieve a mount if you buy the game and play for 2 months (Your $3 would be wasted but eh). You can get the first 40 levels done in a weekend of playing this way.

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    I would like to point you to, www.obsidianspur.com

    We are a PA guild that formed at the launch of WoW many moons ago and love to have PA people come into the guild for some fun and man loving.

    I just saw you got the game to play with your brother, so I will guess you already have a server in mind. Well, we still need man love.

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