Elk Fest in English- coming in October

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Mayfair games press release

Elk Fest is a fast-moving, two player game for festive folk! Children as young as six will enjoy pretending to be an elk, longing for greener grass across the river. In Elk Fest, move your moose to the other bank by flicking wooden disks across the table and balancing your elk on them. Can your moose get to the greener grass across the river? Good grazing is just a stone's flick away!

They should've gone with "Moose Fest" or "Caribou Crossing," but hot damn. I had to get two copies imported last month so that I could have a copy at home and one to carry with me at all times, but oh lord is this cool.

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THIS is the game to take out to the pub- and then talk trash about how much ass your Moose kicks. :twisted:

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