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Allergy symptoms?

DalbozDalboz Resident Puppy EaterRight behind you...Registered User regular
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I'm not if this is an allergic reaction or not. I got these chocolate chip cookies at the store (bakery cookies, not package ones) the other day, which was a bad idea with the diet and all, but I was being bad. I ate a couple and felt...well, it was kind of like a heart-flutter, like an excessive sugar and caffeine rush. I'm fine when I have tea or coffee, or when I have some sugar in something else, and don't react at all. It happened every time I had a couple of those cookies. It's happened before, too. I've also notice over the last couple of days that I feel fat, and looking in the mirror, I look it, too. My neck feels thicker, gut feels like it's got a layer of fat over and under the abs, legs feel bigger, face looks fatter, etc. I know that's technically impossible as I couldn't have gained that much weight in a couple days simply by conservation of mass, but could it be some kind of allergic swelling? I'm not getting watering eyes or a closed throat or anything, but the only thing I could think is that I could have some kind of minor allergy to chocolate. Is this plausible? I've never dealt with a food allergy before, so I don't know what to expect or what would fully be involved.

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    FantasmaFantasma Registered User regular
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    I would see a doctor if I were you, in addition, if you are having an allergic reaction, the medication needed to reduce the swelling can only be prescribed by a doctor, probably Hydrocortisone as an injection.

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    darkgruedarkgrue Registered User regular
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    It's possible that you might have an allergy to something in the cookies. Might be chocolate, but unless you have the same/similiar reaction with other choloates, it might be some other element. Save the ingrediants label from the cookies, and consult with an allergist.

    Food allergies can be hard to diagnose, and usually involve eliminating everything from your diet that might contain that substance for a time. It's a long process of elimination, usually made worse by the fact that most common food allergies are substances found in pretty much everything you might want to eat.

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