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New iPod Touch vs used?

QuarterMasterQuarterMaster Registered User regular
edited September 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
So, I have $75 in Circuit City gift cards and want to put them toward an iPod Touch. I have the option of getting an Open Box model (read: display model) 1st Gen for $95, or a new 2nd Gen for $155 after GC. Which one seems like the better deal? I like that the new one has dedicated volume controls and better battery life, but the rest of the extras aren't that important to me.

Thanks for any input!

QuarterMaster on


  • Project MayhemProject Mayhem Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    The new one does have a built in speaker, audio input (via the headphone jack with the appropriate headphones), and a built in Nike+ sensor (could be bluetooth?) if you ever plan on using that. So if you'd want any of those things, get the new one. If you don't care about any of that, get the old one.

    Project Mayhem on
  • Blanket of InsecuritiesBlanket of Insecurities Registered User
    edited September 2008
    Having moved from a 1st gen iPod touch to an iPhone, I say the physical volume controls are worth a lot of money. I'm just pretty sure they're not worth $60 alone.

    Blanket of Insecurities on
  • EverywhereasignEverywhereasign Registered User
    edited September 2008
    I dunno, I love my external speakers on my iphone. If it were me, I'd go for the 2nd gen.

    Everywhereasign on
    "What are you dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am? I'm the goddamn Batman!"
  • NatanekoNataneko Registered User
    edited September 2008
    just want to point that *in case of trouble* apple won't take back the display model to repair it because it will consider the ipod has been sold when <insert store name here> took it out of the box. It may or may not be important to you.

    Nataneko on
  • spacerobotspacerobot Registered User
    edited September 2008
    I guess one thing you should think about is that the display model isn't the same as refurbished. People have touched it and it's been used without being "re-made" or whatever they do to it.
    I have a 2nd gen (never had first) ipod touch and I love it. The external speaker is kind of crappy and is only slightly worse than my integrated laptop speakers, so it does not play music very well. However the external speaker is great for watching movies and youtube if you want to show a video to multiple people. Definitely a plus.

    spacerobot on
  • ZoolanderZoolander Registered User regular
    edited September 2008
    I personally find the V2 Touches to be much nicer units than the originals. They look much classier, and they feel much nicer to hold. Also, besides the speaker and Nike+iPod support, the battery life is improved on the newer ones.

    Zoolander on
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