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So I'm Ready to Strangle the Internet! (router)

The Crowing OneThe Crowing One Registered User regular
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So I've been having a problem with my home network for awhile, now, and things have finally come to a head where I have been motivated to fix them once and for all.

The set-up: I have standard Comcast internet service, nothing special. I hard connect my computer, the 360 and the PS3 through a Belkin router. The two laptops use the wireless.

The problem: Sometimes I wake up in the morning to find that my computer (hard-wired) has "local access only" through the Belkin router. I can still connect to other devices on my network, but the internet is dead-out. This has been happening on-and-off for as long as we've had the service, three months, and I had initially been able to fix the problem by "diagnose and repair" in Vista. With time, this ceased to fix anything and I become forced to bypass the router to get internet on my machine.

Skip to yesterday. I woke up to find the problem had returned. After all weekend of browsing internet and being connected to Xbox Live I was getting the "local access" connection on my PC. I plugged the Ethernet cord directly into my PC and was able to get internet. Now, later that evening I plugged the Xbox directly to the internet connection in order to connect to Xbox Live and download a media update. I kept getting a MTU failure. EDIT: Live was/is down for 24-hours on Monday 9/29.

What's going on with my router? I have used a few different Belkin units all to the same problem. There isn't any pattern to this issue cropping up, and it usually solves itself in its own strange and mysterious way. I generally give the router another shot in a few days and everything works like new.

Anyone know what may be causing this? I'm not incredibly router-savy, and nor can I discern any noticeable pattern or solution. Could this be something with my Comcast service? Do I need to upgrade my internet package?

Any ideas? Thanks!

tl;dr my router sometimes gives me a "local only" connection and has no discernible pattern of behavior or fix, though it does fix itself eventually.

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