[Guild Wars] Any way to enjoy it again without downloading 5064 files?

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Before I begin, I'm well aware that the Guild Wars community has dwindled down to almost nothing, and personally I'm holding out for GW2 so that I can get my mmo fix again.

Right now, though, after about a 1.5 year absence from the game, ArenaNet thinks it's snazzy not to provide a full client download via their website, only some 'launcher' executable that I presume will download the files required to play.

I was hoping I could circumvent this process by using my original CD media. No such luck.


Does anyone know someplace else that has a later version of the GW client available for download? Alternatively, is there any way I can enjoy Prophecies again without having to wait for the next millenium to arrive?

E: Ok, I have to admit I didn't see the goddamn Level 20's on thread when I was looking for anyone who made a similar topic, but I don't think it had any info on this problem either. So anyone who knows a faster way for this to get done, I'd really appreciate it if you could share it with me.

E #2: Also no I am not on dialup I have no idea why it's going that slow

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    I just recently got back into this (as I said in the other thread) and I downloaded the same client from the Guild Wars website. It didn't take me very long though, and I wonder why your download is going so slow since you say you don't have dialup. Unfortunately I know of no other place to download the Guild Wars client so I think you're boned.

    Hit me up in-game (Darmak Morningwood) if you do manage to ever get in, more friends to play with are always welcome.

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