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Weird HDMI issues

shrykeshryke Member of the BeastRegistered User regular
edited October 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
I've got a good friend having some seriously weird issues with his TV setup. He's got a 1080 TV hooked up to his Blue-Ray through HDMI.

The thing is every time a light is turned on, hot water heater turns on, ceiling fan turns on, etc, the picture flickers. This problem goes away when he uses a component cable. (THAT unfortunately, restricts him to only 480)

He thinks distance may be a factor. His receiver and bluray are located about 40 feet away from the TV and the cables run through the ceiling.

Any ideas what's going on? I didn't think HDMI ran into these kind of problems.

shryke on


  • ImprovoloneImprovolone Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    Anytime anything in the house is turned on? Um... power issues?
    That is a decent run for a cable, is it one HDMI, or are there a million connectors?

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  • shutzshutz Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    I'm thinking the wiring at your friend's place is old, so that when certain things turn on, there's a spark which causes interference. A 40-foot HDMI cable is more likely to pick up the interference than a shorter one. This is one case where buying higher-quality HDMI cables might actually be a good idea (and I'm not necessarily saying Monster Cable, or special, 1000$ cables either. Shop around, ask others who've bought longer HDMI cables to see what you can find.)

    Alternatively, find a way to bring the Blu-ray player closer (say, within 10 feet) of the TV and use a shorter cable, which will be less likely to pick up the interference. At the very least, try a couple of different 40-foot cables, to see if one of them reduces the problem.

    I doubt it's just power fluctuations causing this, as it would happen regardless of the connection.

    Oh, one other thing I just thought about: does the HDMI cable run close to some power cables? Try and add some distance between the two, and see if this reduces the problem.

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  • embrikembrik Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    Normal max length is 50 ft. You can get heavier gauge cables which might help, also, I think you can get repeaters/boosters.

    You better believe Monoprice has what you'd need. They sell the heavier cables, all the way up to 131 feet (monodirectional)

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  • shrykeshryke Member of the Beast Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    His setup is Bluray to receiver (less than a foot) then receiver to TV (50' cable).

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    shryke on
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