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Firegolem's whimsy (prob NSF56k)

firegolemfiregolem Registered User regular
edited October 2008 in Artist's Corner
I enjoy creating stuff, but suffer from a lack of stuff to create. Possibly a happy childhood has robbed me of a productive and artistic middle age.

Just some fun things from a job when they paid me to sit in front of a pc all day.

I dont know if critique is at all useful for these, but maybe if people could say what gets them motivated to create, that would be helpful to me.






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firegolem on


  • JohnTWMJohnTWM Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    Well, I really like the style here, it's different than anything I'm familiar with, but I think that several of these suffer from a lack of character. The last one is the best even though it's also the least ... defined shape, because something about the composition of the piece makes it interesting where as the others are just sort of... well that's neat looking but meh (I think the ox has potential but needs to be set on a more interesting background; something more dynamic).

    As for what motivates me... about 20% love of drawing, 20% desire to create, and about 600% bitter jealousy of some of the other people's skillz around here! DAMN YOU I WILL GET BETTER!

    JohnTWM on
  • firegolemfiregolem Registered User regular
    edited October 2008
    Lack of char prob has 2 main stems

    1. no eyebrows, mouths or hands/arms, cuts out a lot of expresion options
    2. they dont really have a reason to have character, theyr not striving for or doing anything (whicih is my problem)

    this is kind of where id like to go with that restricted photoshop templates style:


    but im searching for a story really. And I cant improve until I have a story to motivate me ;) a bit chicken and egg atm. Maybe I just need to kick my butt

    firegolem on
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