WIP - HELP! Biting off more than I can digitally paint!

natratnatrat Registered User regular
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I got carried away with the hair in a simple drawing that wasn't supposed to be too detailed, but now I fear I'm stuck shading the rest of it nicely and PROPERLY (something I don't know quite how to do). IAny advice for an occasional digital painter? I'm unsure how the shadows should affect her face as the light source is from behind, should the entire face be in shadow? And I don't know WHAT to do with that grass.
I'm going to have photoshop related nightmares when I go to sleep tonight.

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    rtsrts Registered User regular
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    Your light source is above, not behind, or your hair doesnt make any sense.

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    LaliluleloLalilulelo Richmond, VARegistered User regular
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    You could just paint over the hair. It's not like...your bank account or something. Just axe it if you don't want to bring the rest of the piece up to that level.

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    leafleaf Registered User regular
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    Yeah that dress could stand to be a bit shorter too

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