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A short film made in 48 hours

lojomofolojomofo Registered User new member
edited October 2006 in Artist's Corner
A group of friends and I made this for a 48 hour film fest/competition a few years back. There were a few requirements for the contest

1. A specific character ( activist Morgan Somethingsomething
2. A specific line of dialogue : "yes, I do this periodically" which is a really lame line, so we crammed it in where we thought it might sound somewhat relevant...still doesn't really work, but them's the rules
3. A specific prop, in this case the can of tomato paste

there are nine seconds of black at the beginning. Hope you enjoy!

Moody? yes
Conveniently ambiguous? yes
Pretty good for 48 hours? I think so

lojomofo on


  • The_RatThe_Rat Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    edited October 2006
    It could have used a few seconds of black right at the end, but otherwise it was pretty cool. I like the forced line, knowing the context it was pretty funny.

    The_Rat on
  • DeeLockDeeLock Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    that was actually really good, especially for being shot in only 48 hours, where did you guys film?

    DeeLock on
  • lojomofolojomofo Registered User new member
    edited October 2006
    I agree with you rat, everytime I see it I think the same thing. I don't know why it was cut so short at the end. We actually won this competition in the Open division. We filmed this in a few halls of a storage facility for an apartment complex I used to live in. We thought we were going to have access to a lot more halls, but we didn't really need them in the end because it's easy to reuse dark hallways shot from different angles to create a really lost feeling. The beginning shots are downtown Boise, Idaho, where I reside, as a carpentnerd. Also, the character who ends up alone in the film is me.

    lojomofo on
  • ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
    edited October 2006
    I really liked it man, great job. I'm not too much of a film guy but I did enjoy all the different types of shots you all had.

    Prospicience on
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