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DVD-RW Drives locking up

AyulinAyulin Registered User regular
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Hey all, back with some more computer issues. I made the mistake of posting in the Technology Subforum last time instead of here, so here we go.

I've got 2 LG DVD-RW internal drives in my desktop, exactly identical. They're hooked up via SATA, and I have my BIOS set to configure SATA as AHCI, instead of IDE or Legacy. (This is on an Asus P5Q-E motherboard.)

The drives have the odd tendency to just lock up or freeze now and then, when there's a disk inside. This happens when installing programs, ripping CDs/DVDs, or burning DVDs. When this happens, the disk will either continue to be spun, or the drive will actually stop spinning the disk; either way, it's like the drive just decides to start twiddling it's virtual thumbs, and causes the program using it at the time to sit there waiting.

Jabbing eject won't do anything, and nothing short of either waiting for it to snap out of it's daydream or rebooting the machine will fix it; it seems like I have to resort to the latter more often now. As an example, the DVD I just burned in ImgBurn has been spinning for about 10 minutes now, even after I canceled the operation in ImgBurn.

I'm using Vista Ultimate 64-bit, but I don't think that's an issue; just for disclosure in case it somehow is :P

Nothing I googled gave any useful results, but I could just be using the wrong terms. Any help would be very much appreciated, since this happens to me on nearly all the disks I insert now, on both drives.

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