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Putting a loop pedal my guitar amp's effects loop

gnarledgnarled Registered User regular
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I recently got a Boss RC-20XL Loop Station pedal as a gift. I really like it, but I have one pretty significant problem. My amp is a Dimebag Signature Randall Warhead 300 watt (well I with it was mine, it's actually my friend's, but I've been babysitting it for a year because he couldn't take it with him on a move). When I want distortion I use the amp's distorted channel as opposed to using a distortion pedal.

Sometime I want to be able to loop some clean chords and then turn on the distortion and solo over that; however, I can't do this using my current setup which is GUITAR -> LOOP PEDAL -> AMP. The amp does have a effects loop input/output jacks on the back. Is it safe for the amp and for my pedal to run a line from the effects loop out to my looper and then run the output of the looper to the effects return?

Also, is the distortion processing already performed on the signal when it goes out of the effects loop or does that occur after the effects loop. Thanks.

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    Typhoid MannyTyphoid Manny Registered User regular
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    It's definitely safe to do; that's what FX loops are for. As for where the distortion is on the signal chain, usually it'll be after the FX loop, but it's not a hard fast rule. You'll be able to find out pretty quickly by plugging it in, playing a chord then turning on the distortion.

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    flatlinegraphicsflatlinegraphics Registered User regular
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    look on the back, and see if there is a pre/post switch. this will determine where the patch point is, before the preamp section or after, ie before the distortion or after.

    you should be able to find the manual on randalls' site, and it should tell you everything about it.

    but basically, no you won;t hurt anything. try every position you can, before the amp, in the loop, whatever. some pedals and effects work drastically different depending on where you put them.

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