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A couple friends of mine have created a site dedicated to bringing back original level 60 Warcraft. They were tired of all the easily obtainable epic gear. They were also tired of epic gear becoming obsolete within a couple months.

Visit the site if you're interested in this. You can help out by digging the story also.

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    When classes were balanced perfectly, before the restructuring of patch 2.0.

    Seriously? You guys must have played a rogue like me. Being able to kill people without them having the chance to do anything was sure balanced.
    This was a simpler time, a time when the word “Resilience” didn’t mean anything.

    A time when everyone went about 2 shotting each other.
    Back to a time when high level PvE gear was usable for PvP, and vice versa.

    A time when you're options for competative gear were raid 5 days a week with 39 people in repetative instances or do BGs 12-20 hours a day for 3-6 months straight.
    Forgotten 40-man and 20-man raids, still unequalled in skill and originality

    I was friends with a paladin in BWL. His usual skillful rotation was:

    1. Put head on desk
    2. Spam decursive

    TBC made many improvments over vanilla WoW, I've never understood this view of 60 being the bestest thing ever.

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