First painting (PACMAN related)

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LewieP's Mum told me I should give painting a go, and after seeing what her and and Gabe have been doing with the paints, I figured I would.
I'm primarily a sculptor, so painting is new territory for me.

She was right, it IS fun.:)

I decided on PACMAN, since it's one of the first games I ever played as a kid.
I started it the night before last by slappin' on the background paints, and finished it yesterday.
Not too bad for a first go I think. Learned a lot about how the paints work, and which brushes work best for specific details and strokes. Much of it was done loosely with my hands and fingers, and then used brushes for the detailing.

I'll definitely be doing more, really relaxing.

Canvas size- 19" x 16"

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    NibCromNibCrom Registered User regular
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    Looks nice! I like the ghost eyes in the background.

    It seems like you were trying to convert Pacman into 3-D space, but I think it could have been developed a bit more. The dots don't really match up with the angle of Pacman and the ghosts.

    Is there a reason the cherry is pixels but the other elements are normal?

    The bottom edge of the painting seems kind of rough. You could touch that up unless a frame would be covering it.

    Keep up the good work!

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    ScottyScotty Registered User regular
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    Hey thanks for the feedback.
    This one was more for feeling out the medium. Wasn't overly worried about it making sense to be honest. I made the cherry pixel-arty, well, I guess because I wanted some ol' skool in there.:)
    I will definitely clean up the edges though, I agree it does detract.

    Thanks again, constructive criticism is important, or we don't learn anything.:^:

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