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A Backstory!
Around 1480 A.D., with the development of industry and commerce and the progress of ship building skill, countries in Asia and Europe began to realize the importance of the sea. Some fleets came up. Soon, countries on the Mediterranean coast started to explore their own sea route. Blue and deep sea was considered as the passage to the gold kingdom, waiting for men to explore.

In late 17th century, for each of their own interest, countries in the west built new battleships, made up great fleets. And then ballets of large scale for sea hegemony started.

Tons Of Features!
-Sea Battle System
In voyage century, you will experience the excitement that hundreds of warships combat in simultaneity. The verisimilar and perfect ocean waves represent the grand scenes of sea battle and bring you extraordinary experience.The combat patterns are various. You can choose any one, the grand far-forth cannon firing or the exciting grappling. The battles between countries, guilds and parties will break out at any moment.

-Trade System
-There are more than 160 kinds of merchandises. Genuine Finance System is embodied in the game. The prices fluctuate according to the change of the supply and demand, and the dynamic price system tests the players’ commercial mind. The realistic voyage line and distribution of the merchandises represent the flourishing maritime trade of the 16th century and bring you to the true voyage world.

-Adventure System
Adventure and exploration is where the charm of the voyage works. Experiencing the adventure of discovery, fighting against the pirate and cruel nature environment on the broad sea will prove your competence of dominating the sea.
More than 1000 kinds of mysterious findings are waiting for you, which will fully satisfy your curiosity. The exploration on the Pyramid of Ancient Egypt and search for the lost secret of Beirut Palace will give you a sense of presenting on the scene and the pleasance on discovery. Voyage Century is not only a game, but also an encyclopedia that broaden your knowledge in geography and history of 16th century.

There are altogether four different basic characters, whose appearance can be changed according to one’s own favor. There is a large pallet at weapons and articles of clothing, for which one must control certain in each case talents. The most important companion of the player on the ocean is naturally the ship, which can be upgraded and changed in Voyage Century.

In the game, there is an enormous selection of sequential missions. One receives these from the respective contact men, in addition, of the NPCs. If a player successfully brought a mission to end, the player receive a reward in the form of cash or a treasure, construction or draft sketches and a higher reputation. The accomplishment of a mission brings you the sense of success.

Many Ships!
-3 Main types
-Several variations
-Can paint ship and sails

Open Classes!
-All of the above

Be A Pirate!

De Gama & James Cook

-Located in Athens
-Guild House


Exotic Locales!

Bustling Marketplaces!

Other Ships!

Q:How do I change the resolution?
A:You have to edit the Core.ini file in your C:\Program Files\Voyage Century Online\voyage folder. Change the values Screen_X and Screen_Y to their respective values.
Screen_X 1440
Screen_Y 900

Q:How do I repair my ship at port?
A:Go to the shipyard boss, select Buy/Repair and click the Repair button, then click the picture of your ship(not the bow or sail slots) and select Yes.

I started playing again a little while ago, they are running a newbie special where you get a very strong starter ship, a special figurehead, Stat raising jewelry and clothes.
I figured I would pop on here, see if there are any other players and hopefully attract some new ones. There is the option to start a Guild so if we have at least 4 active players we could start a PA Guild.
Happy Sailing!

Player List!
Name-Forum Name-Starting Town


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    KajustaKajusta Registered User regular
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    This looks a looooot like POTBS.

    Is it actually worth the time to download?

    Kajusta on
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    JamesDMJamesDM Registered User regular
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    Kajusta wrote: »
    This looks a looooot like POTBS.

    Is it actually worth the time to download?

    This one has been around for several years. It is relatively well put together but is lacking some polish, it is a fun game though. So, is it worth the download? I guess that is really up to you.

    JamesDM on
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    EvigilantEvigilant VARegistered User regular
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    I used to play this game all the time, even managed to get my father hooked on the game. After awhile though, I just burnt out of it.

    Though the cannons that have the 120 degree firing arc are monsters.

    Also, being a pirate is actually difficult in this. If you're out near cities during the day, you'll be attacked by their NPC ships which are very high in level. Not only that, but other players can freely attack you. If you're a pirate, it's best to voyage around night, where the NPC ships are gone and the towers are asleep.

    Evigilant on
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    JamesDMJamesDM Registered User regular
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    I put a guild together, info is in OP.

    JamesDM on
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    Metal Gear Solid 2 DemoMetal Gear Solid 2 Demo Registered User regular
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    Isn't this the same pirate MMO they keep releasing under a different name every so often?

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    Amikron DevaliaAmikron Devalia I didn't ask for this title. Registered User regular
    edited August 2009
    I played this a while back and just started playing it again not 2 days ago. It is a lot of fun and has seen many improvements, a lot of the engrish has been fixed (some still exists in weird spots) and there is quite a bit of stuff to do. You can sail around from port to port ala Pirates!, go up close for pretty awesome sea battles with cannons, grappling hooks for melee fights, battering rams, and several types of cannon balls. (Also mines and whatnot were added not too long ago) The crafting is very robust as well for a f2p mmo, letting you chop wood, mine ore, grow crops, to make new ships, weapons, clothing, tools, upgrades, all types of things. The port areas mostly all have a surrounding "countryside" filled with harvesting spots, and monsters that you can fight and level up on. Many little things I haven't touched on have been added over the last year or so, making it up there on the list of F2P MMOs with great games like Atlantica.

    It's rare that you can do most of a game without cash shop items, but luckily this game lets you. One of the only things you cannot do without using cash shop items is having a pet, though I think you can purchase the items with in game money from other players if I recall.

    You know it is a good game when you actually want to play it over other things you are paying for at the moment such as new games or paid MMOs.

    Amikron Devalia on
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