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Would someone kindly post their Ep1 save?

HiverHiver Registered User new member
edited November 2008 in Penny Arcade Games
Hey all,

I had to format my PC in the months between episodes 1 and 2. As such I am without a save file, would anyone care to post theirs?

It's located in C:\Users\<your name here>\AppData\Local\HotheadGames\RainSlickEp1 (you may need to view hidden files and folders to get there) The file ends in .SAV and is something you can open in notepad and copy/paste to the forums.

I'd really rather not go through Episode 1 again if I can avoid it. Thanks for your time and assistance.

Hiver on


  • LumenadducereLumenadducere Registered User regular
    edited November 2008
    You don't really need it. As far as I know all that carries over is level and appearance. If you bought a certain thing in Part 1 you'll be able to get Div as a support character, but that's it. None of the weapons or Overkill bonuses transfer, and you may start out at level 15 even if you make a new character. So really you only need to get a save from Episode 1 if you want Div.

    Lumenadducere on
  • AceOfSomethingOrOtherAceOfSomethingOrOther Registered User regular
    edited November 2008
    I have a question pertaining to this: Do you still have the first Monkey Card if you start with a new character? If you don't, then how does that all work?

    AceOfSomethingOrOther on
  • Golden YakGolden Yak Burnished Bovine The sunny beaches of CanadaRegistered User regular
    edited November 2008
    You'll start with everything necessary to complete this episode. Since you can't complete episode 1 without having certain items in your inventory necessary for episode 2, you'll start episode 2 with them.

    Golden Yak on
  • AceOfSomethingOrOtherAceOfSomethingOrOther Registered User regular
    edited November 2008
    That's what I thought. Thank you!

    AceOfSomethingOrOther on
  • WillethWilleth Registered User regular
    edited November 2008
    There are certain items you don't start with, though. The horn, for example, will give you a certain bonus if you got it in Episode 1.

    Willeth on
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