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Samurai WIP

thevo1tathevo1ta Registered User regular
edited October 2006 in Artist's Corner
Nothing much to crit, I have work now but I will try to update tonight.

Just did this in about 15min now I really have to get to work.

thevo1ta on


  • GreatnationGreatnation Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    I think you may need to fix where his right hand connects with his forearm. The way you have it, its not forshortened at all and it looks kinda like his arm is about a foot long coming out of his shoulder. Some forshortening issues going on in the left arm too, and the elbow doesnt make much sense. And I doubt those lines for muscle definition on in the front of his torso would be the definate, or even exists at all. I think you also might want to acount somehow for the space in between the left shoulder and the neck. And about that neck- its coming straight out of the top of his torso, which is not really good looking, or right. His chin would probably be out over his chest, and his neck would come forward out of the top of the torso like a wedge.

    If any of this is hard to understand, lemme know and ill paintover.

    Greatnation on
  • The One Dark KnightThe One Dark Knight Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    His torso seems to be at a different perspective that his legs...sort of makes him look like he's bending sideways towards the viewer.

    The One Dark Knight on
  • thevo1tathevo1ta Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    yeah thats for the advice guys! I have been using virtual figure drawing studio for the refrences. I guess I haven't learned enough from it or they are just giving my horrible material. Probally the first one. I will work on it tomorrow tonight I have a paper to find material for. I found the program VFDS from this forum actually I have the full version in my opinion it is a pretty good substitute for learning from life at the moment. There is an art studio by me though with live nude sessions. I also have a tablet so I might throw up some quick fixes.

    thevo1ta on
  • lojomofolojomofo Registered User new member
    edited October 2006
    I suppose all the advice that needs to be given already has been, but I fuckin love this pose man. For me the skecthes are the coolest part part of art. Keep 'em comin!!!

    lojomofo on
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