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Finally got my scanner! Sketchdump (nsf56k)

The One Dark KnightThe One Dark Knight Registered User regular
edited October 2006 in Artist's Corner
First sketchdump :)

Got my scanner today....wooo!



First one is a character design for the main character of a sort of dystopian steampunk fairy tale I'm working on. She doesn't have a name yet.

Yes, I know the wrinkles are a bit excessive around her top :)

Second one is Alan Gerrard and the Ragman, post apocalyptic western heroes.

Can you tell I have a taste for unusal genres?

My friend scanned these for me, so I'm sorry if they're a little poor. The second image, I don't know what happened. He appeared to start darkening part of it and then decided halfway through he would stop and scan it in. D:


Here is some more stuff from that fantasy idea I have rolling around my head.




Better reference pic for my BT character Sin:


Comments/critiques are welcome. I have been drawing for about 3-4 years now in earnest. I draw a lot of my influence from anime/manga, real life, and most of my inspiration from ideas that pop up in my head.

...Scanners are awesome. :)

The One Dark Knight on


  • galengalen Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    Dude, your friend drew over your art? and you're like, totally okay with that?

    I mean, I guess it would be one thing if he was a professional (or at least competent) inker, but he clearly is not. I would have ripped him a new one.

    Your work is pretty okay. Your anatomy is decent enough but your poses seem really forced, especially the girl's. Also her feet look really weird.

    I like the idea of a cowboy teamed up with a giant robot scarecrow too.

    galen on
  • The CelestialThe Celestial Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    I can't wait for you to get a scanner for good. You've got a really creative touch to what I've seen so far and you could run like crazy with that.

    Some anatomy issues on the first one though. Her neck seems crazy long and something is bugging me about her right arm. It maybe too long too. Oh, and her cleavage....go look at some porn man cause it's horrific.

    The second one is a bit too rough to crit, especially with the half-assed, half-done inking.

    Keep it up.

    The Celestial on
  • drakkoniadrakkonia Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    She doesn't have any hips. And why is her left leg so long? The guy seems to have leg problems too. I think you're making the lower leg way too long in comparison with the upper leg. Isn't the femur the longest bone in the body? I really like the character designs though. Very creative.

    drakkonia on
  • GreatnationGreatnation Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    There weight doesnt look like its distributed properly. The biggest anatomy issue for me is the hands. Draw some hands man, like a lot of hands, your own hands you moms hands your grandpas hands. Draw hands.

    Greatnation on
  • TheSketcherTheSketcher Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    Only thing that sticks out for me, (Not that i'm very good, but anyways) is the nose, that bandaid really through me off at first, I thought it was her nose, just really odd looking. But that comes from a some what untalanted lad lol :D

    TheSketcher on
  • The One Dark KnightThe One Dark Knight Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    Thanks for the crits guys :)

    Yeah - the first drawing has perspective in it, but that's not immediately apparent. I suppose I should have exageratted more.

    I have a tendency to like to draw characters in awkard poses - don't know why.

    My hands also end up looking pretty abominable. That's actually what I'm working on improving right now - the fingers are too long (and too thick) o;

    And yes, I'm a little irked that he started to draw over my art. He did ask me if he could darken it first, but by darken, I didn't mean add new lines. There was actually stuff in there - extraneous folds and stuff - that I had to edit out in photoshop ):

    Got my scanner today! Epson perfection V100. Looks swanky, can't wait to hook it up. Expect arts inbound :)

    The One Dark Knight on
  • EntrYEntrY Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    The feet in that first one are kinda screwed up ;) They look flat. I've got alot of trouble with feet as well, though. My characters always look like they're hovering a few feet of the ground :S

    EDIT: Oh, and btw, I really ought to get a scanner as well, since I don't really do any digital art, and my dad took the scanner that used to be in the house, to his office. Dang.

    EntrY on
    beavotron wrote:
    hang on, i need to go put an adult diaper on before you continue explaining.

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  • wakkawawakkawa Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    No, the perspective is TOO exaggerated. You really shouldn't even be able to notice any at that angle.

    The anatomy is just off everywhere. Neck is too long, arms are too bumpy, hands are lumpy and twisted, the breast look flatt even though they make the belt buckles come out a lot more than they should, the waste area is too small/bending in the wrong way, and the legs are huge.

    The faces could also use some work. The nose and mouth are too low, and the jaw is oddly shadped.

    The costum on the top one is hella random. I mean, goggles? come on.

    wakkawa on
  • The One Dark KnightThe One Dark Knight Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    But, but....

    I like goggles ;_;

    Yeaaah. I know my human anatomy is a little off, but I'm not trying to draw from life, you know. Still, it does need some work ):

    The One Dark Knight on
  • galengalen Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    I'm not trying to draw from life, you know.

    Honestly, the "style" in which you drew the girl is a more realistic style, so you don't get as much leeway in terms of distortion. Uncanny valley, and all that.

    And goggles ARE cool, but only if you're Tank Girl.

    galen on
  • The_RatThe_Rat Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    edited October 2006
    I'm liking the overall style of the character design, but the technical stuff is weak (anatomy, cloth, etc.) You've got good ideas, you just need to back it up with consistent anatomy.

    The_Rat on
  • TheBogTheBog Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    Yeah, dude. I'm really enjoying all these "MOAR" sketches. Some sweet designs. I especially like the fox dude. And the wide-eyed girl has a really cool pose and expression but there are obvious anatomical issues like her .. um.. what do you call that.. bottom half of the leg is waay too long and crooked.

    TheBog on
  • PenguinoPenguino Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    In the second picture from the bottom, is that schoolgirl grabbing that pirate's penis? I dunno :?

    The girl is in an aesome pose though! Plus I like how you draw hair. It's detailed yet simplistic.

    Penguino on
  • The One Dark KnightThe One Dark Knight Registered User regular
    edited October 2006
    The what? D;

    I'm afraid - I didn't have time to clean up the images so maybe it's something I erased and the scanner is picking up?

    Yeah, you've got me. I do need to work on anatomy - generally my proportions are pretty ok nowadays, but I suck at drawing 3/4 perspective bodies.

    Thanks for the crits. :)

    I need to go look at some more male muscle anatomy - I draw too many women.

    The One Dark Knight on
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