Upper-right Unread PM count inaccurate?

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Firstly, I got my very first infraction a couple days ago after a long, spotless tenure. It broke my heart. I try to be so good... :(

And now, the bug report. The logged-in user info box, at the top right of every page, is reporting that I have 3 unread PMs. I click through to check out my inbox, and I actually have no unread PMs. I only have the one folder (Inbox), so I don't know where they could be... which leads me to believe maybe it's a bug?

It doesn't bother me much, unless I really do have PMs that aren't being displayed. I figured I'd mention it. Maybe reporting a possible bug will absolve my stricken conscience of its infraction. Or maybe I'll get another one for creating work for the Admins. :P

Cheers, guys! This is the best forum anywhere, on any topic, and it's because of you! <3

Edit: it just occurred to me to log out, restart the browser, and log back in, in case my cookie was corrupted or something. That didn't help.

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