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hopefully quick Windows Server question

VoodooVVoodooV Registered User regular
edited November 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
My office is transitioning from Novell to Windows AD. We're a state agency, and our state is such that they won't let us have our own domain, we're simply an OU in their forest.

Anyway, the number one complaint we've had so far is whenever the user clicks on one of the new drive mappings that maps to our new Windows servers. There is an initial lag between clicking on the drive, and when the contents are displayed. That isn't so much the problem, but if the drive goes unused for a while, and the user clicks on it again, the lag returns.

Now I remember long ago, when I did some W2K server training, I ran into this issue and my instructor showed me how to fix it. I believe it was a reg hack having to do with the connection timing out and the reg hack increased the timeout to some very large number.

Does this issue seem familiar to anyone and does anyone know where to find that fix because I've tried searching around and I haven't had any luck finding it yet. My boss is supposed to be an MCSE but his "explanation" for the lag is because we're still in the middle of the transition and that once Netware is off our network it will be faster. This seems to me, to be a very bogus explanation. Why isn't Netware slower then? Why is it only the Windows mappings that are slow? He honestly seems to believe that's the problem.

If I'm remembering correctly and it's just a reg hack, is this something that can be done to our servers, or is it a reg hack that has to be done to the domain controller?

Thanks in advance!

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  • embrikembrik Registered User regular
    edited November 2008
    Are you still running Novell on these machines as well? You could look at changing the provider order (My Network Places > Properties > Advanced > Advanced Settings > Provider Order) and make sure that the Microsoft networking stuff is at the top of the list.

    Edit: Forgot to mention - this is a change on the workstation side, not the server side. I'm not sure of any server tweaks, but there may be some.

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  • VoodooVVoodooV Registered User regular
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    You mean the Novell client? yeah, the users' computers still have the client. I'm fairly certain it's not the client though because I don't use anything anymore on the old Netware servers so my computer doesn't have the client installed, but when I click on my drive mappings, I get the lag too.

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