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Post Pax Kelowna Meetup...anyone...anyone...Bueller...?

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It's me, our local curmudgeonous character!

And it's that season where the shred heads among us are gearing up for the snow season, and we're jonesing for powder, jumps, and wide open runs to carve down.

Let me introduce those of you lucky enough not to live here, to our city! Yes the city looks barren as fuck, and yes it's pretty much the exact same scenery as going down to washington. Going to spokane is like re-entering kelowna, only with those weird bumpy things on the road you americans are so fond of.

Anyways, we have the rather nice lan cafe PC Bang! which is a fun place at reasonable rates (although they could charge whatever the hell they felt like, not like there's another shop here like it). We also have our ghetto amusement minigolf/arcade place Scandia. They have some of the 194* cabinets and AeroFighters, so it's not a total waste! There's go-karts and uhhh....the piercing and tattoo parlours, some of which know me by name. For bars we have a few, but mostly it's take your pick of meat market, meat market, and cowboy meat market.

After painting such a rosy picture of our fair city, let's head out and do something!

Most notably let's go snowboarding and hit up pc bang! They even sell bawls amazingly. The local snowboard club at the UBC campus is organising carpooling to big white and mt.baldy (I'll also have my car again in a month or two).

Prove me wrong and let's see if there's anyone else from the okanagan even.

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