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FAIL! Come add your criticism



  • sarukunsarukun Mr. Bulldopps Get SchwiftyRegistered User regular
    edited November 2008
    sarukun wrote: »
    sarukun wrote: »
    Keith wrote: »
    the fail boat?

    god fucking damn it, do you talk like that in real life?

    jesus god damn christ

    dude that goes to digipen works at nintendo and says to everyone "have you ever heard of failblog" or "have you ever heard of lolcats"

    also "that was SOOO FAIL", "epic fail", "made of fail", etc

    The scary thing is that I think the Japanese would go crazy for lolcats.

    Japanese go CRAAAAZY for Plutonium Puffs!

    Is this a butt?

    OR did you mean :^:

    I meant that one.

    I guess that gaff is rather topical considering the thread we're posting in.

    sarukun on
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