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Google docs - gadgets question

oncelingonceling Registered User regular
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As of yesterday, my gadget looked great, today I log into google docs and it's all squished up.

Here's a screenshot:


See the problem is, I want the gadget to be as big as the red box I have drawn, but nothing at all seems to be letting me spread the Y axis downward. My co-worker who also works on this said yesterday he could adjust the Y axis, today neither of us can. I design software and user interfaces for a living so I'm pretty sure if there was a little thing I could click to do this I would have found it, I've been clicking and dragging to no avail on this all afternoon.

My question is, is this a problem with our version of Flash or browser? I cannot update either on my work computer at all, I don't have access to and won't be allowed to get a new version even if I asked.

So basically, just let me know if I'm hosed or not? I only open Google docs in Firefox because my version of IE will not display graphics at all (is not IE7 at this company yet). My FF is version Flash online checker shows: WIN 9,0,124,0 version.

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