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All new Arcade Exchange network!

cybiaocybiao Registered User new member
edited November 2006 in PAX Archive
My friend have just created a new ad network (advanced visitor exchange) that I think could be very useful to any one owning a site with online games.

The main benefit about this network is that the "ads" can be modified to blend very well into the content and and since all the links leads directly to the games the visitor might never notice that he/she clicked an ad.

Some more benefits of this network:

1. Very high CTR (Since the ads looks like the rest of your content)

2. Does not annoy your users (Since the ads is only for games that they hopefully want to play)

3. User exchange not impression exchange (I think that's the only fair way)

4. 10:9 exchange ratio (not so special)

5. Live stats (just for fun)

I like the network very much, I hope you also like it!

If you are interested or have some suggestion's you can contact us at webmaster [at]


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  • ctishmanctishman Registered User regular
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  • leafleaf Registered User regular
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    Suggestions? Having the decency to atleast try to follow another websites rules for behaviour while posting. K thnx.

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  • TNTrooperTNTrooper Registered User regular
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  • SamyelSamyel Registered User regular
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