Desktop won't boot up :(

Romero ZombieRomero Zombie Registered User regular
So I just got back from vacation and went to turn my desktop on - I heard the CPU fan start up like normal, but did not hear the beep I normally hear and my fan just runs but that's it.

I cracked open my case and took a look at everything. I took the essentials out and plugged them back in, video card, my ram, etc. I plug them back in, and still I get nothing.

I checked my monitor against my kids computer, and it seems to work just fine.

Any idea's on what the deal is? I've been looking for a reason to upgrade my computer, so this may be it. From the sounds of it, is it dead? Or am I missing something pretty obvious?

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    meatflowermeatflower Registered User regular
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    Only thing you can really do at this point is play the elimination game (which you've already kind of done). Get it down to just the motherboard, CPU, and one stick of RAM; EVERYTHING else removed or disconnected. If you can't get the POST beep with that (and try multiple sticks of memory, one at a time) then you've got a motherboard and/or CPU problem which basically means it's time for that upgrade. If you do get it to POST then start adding components one at a time until you find the one that breaks it.

    Try memory from your kids computer if you can, just needs to be a known working unit. Only reason you need the RAM in there is that 99% of motherboards out there will not POST without it.

    You might also get something other than the single short beep, check out Google for possible explanations.

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    McClyMcCly Registered User regular
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    I had that same thing happen to me on my HP laptop, and it turned out to be a (known) defect in the motherboard. Luckily, they replaced it for free. (and after even more complications from said repair, they gave me a whole new laptop.)

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    SmurphSmurph Registered User regular
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    Don't forget the power supply. When they start to go bad they can damage the Motherboard as well. If you're using the same PS that came with your case, try another one. Freebies that come with cases don't have good reputations (on the other hand I've had them work for years and years with no issue).

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