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Finding an egronomic desk

That_Spoony_BardThat_Spoony_Bard Registered User regular
edited November 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
So for the past several months I've been dealing with pretty bad tendinitis in my arms and wrists (it's to the point where I need to use Dragon 10 to write papers). I'm trying to find a desk that puts minimal strain on my arms when I type, however I'm really not sure where to start. I'm thinking finding something that has an adjustable keyboard tray would be a good start...but I haven't seen any around. Suggestions?

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    DrFrylockDrFrylock Registered User regular
    edited November 2008
    I can't stand 99% of modern desks because they just reuse the old 1970s desk designs and then install a pullout keyboard tray underneath at knee-level. Who the fuck can use these things?

    There's a company called Anthro that makes various ergonomic workstations with adjustable shelves and work surfaces that work for your keyboard and mouse. We used to have these at work and they are truly wonderful desk-replacements. They're not cheap, but they are well-made and extremely good for working at.

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    HypatiaHypatia Registered User regular
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    I got a Balt desk like this one (except mine is adjustable with hand cranks instead of pneumatically) and it's been awesome! Basically it has 2 surfaces, one for the monitor and one for the keyboard, and you can adjust the height of each to match what you need. So you can just crank the back up to make your monitor eye-level and crank the front down to where you need it for correct posture.

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