Episode 2: Game-ruining glitch.

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Well, after getting hit with the monkey fight glitch and starting a brand new file (only to have the patch hit the very next day!), I've been hit with yet another glitch which makes my file unplayable.

I was in the middle of fighting some fruitfuckers after the Symposium boss fight when my internet crapped out, disconnecting me from live. I went to reset my modem and router, decided to watch some tv and have lunch while I was at it, and when I returned I noticed my xbox controller had turned itself off. I'm assuming this has some relevance, but it may not. I turned the controller back on, then reconnected to xbox live and when I unpaused the game, everything was running in EXTREEEEEEME SLOOOOOW-MOOOOOO. It took me about 5 minutes just to finish off the last fruitfucker, exit combat, and save my game. I reset my console and reloaded the game only to find the slooooow-moooootioooooon moooovemennt persisted. All menus and even the Startling Developments office work fine and at normal speed, but regardless of which area of the game I travel to, the frame rate is just horrendous and I move about an inch of screen space every 20-30 seconds or so.

Has anyone encountered this and/or know a way to remedy it? Despite how fond I am of this series, I really do not want to replay the game all the way back up to the symposium for a second time in as many weeks.


EDIT: Ok, well, after fast-traveling to a different location in the game, overwriting my save, and restarting the console for a second time, my game was back to normal upon reloading. That... was strange, to say the least.

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