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Can anyone help me with my forum?

PolksterPolkster Registered User regular
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I made a post about it on the tech forum but no one replied, Cardboard Tube told me to post here. I want to make it look like this:


I want to frame my forum in my site, and I want to be able to toss in advertisements between the forum and the header and the forum and the footer. I have the code to do this in phpBB 2.0 since I attempted a similar stunt years back and a friend of mine did it for me--however that forum got trashed by spambots and I switched servers and blah blah blah. One of my friends suggested simply creating a large iframe on a template page, but I feel like while that would work, it would toss scroll bars into the frame unless I could physically shrink the forum.

I also should mention, I don't know my ass from my elbow when it comes to coding. I have the original code, I can give anyone who wants the html behind my site--though you could just source it yourself.

Edit: It's only the width that matters to me, the forum can be as long as it needs to be--that's what I was referring to when I referenced shrinking it. The above picture is just a concept, it can be longer or whatever.

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