Xbox 360 power supply light not illuminated

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Unfortunately I came home today to find that my 360 wouldn't turn on at all

I noticed the power supply bricks usual orange/green light wasn't lit, so I took it out and tried plugging it in various outlets and nothing

I read an FAQ and the best it could tell me was that it might be overheated and would take a few hours to cool down, though it wasn't in a stuffy enclosed spot and i haven't played it all day

I just really hope that it isn't broken, because these things are fucking expensive. It's especially aggravating that it had to happen today because I just began my free gamefly trial

So has this happened to anyone else? Any possible fixes or anything, or am I boned?

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    Once what you are describing happened to my laptop's huge (but not 360 huge) power brick. I ended up buying a new one, sorry!

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    Sadly, I think you might be boned. Try calling Xbox support...that's the best advice I can give. How long have you had the console? You might be covered under warranty.

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