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Reloaded a thread page and lost your Quick Reply? Fear not!

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I just found out this way to get back the text in the Quick Reply box if you reload the thread by accident. Just press Ctrl+z in the box and your text magically appears again. Firefox usually automatically carries over all entered textbox text on reloads or when going back to it with the back button (like it does in the normal post thread/reply page). It seems the forums have it do an explicit reset to clear out the textbox on page loads to counter this, but that fortunately doesn't clear the undo stack.

Let's make this a topic for forum usability advice!

Why you don't need to 'Blue dot' a thread (posting just to get the dot):
People keep doing this, it's not only against the rules, but also retarded because there is another way of keeping track of a thread without blue dotting it.
You can simply click 'Subscribe to thread' in the thread tools menu, this won't net you a blue dot, but it will make it show up in your subscribed threads list in the user panel, which is just as good as blue dotting. If your subscribed threads list is too long for you, just make a new subscription folder and plug it in there.

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