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If you guys want to make a mmorpg like wow but 2D i found this maker.


Eclipse is a free to use 2D game engine. This game creator makes mmorpgs. No previous knowledge is necessary because Eclipse uses a simple point and click system. If the software does not have the requirements you need you can program it with the source.

Map Editor (1) (1)
This is what changes the maps on Eclipse. The actaul Graphics can be changed by the user.

Item Editor (1)
This is where all the Items ingame are created. The graphics can be changed to whatever the user wishes. There is also a scripted item option for truly 100% custom items.

Ingame Shot (1) (2)
This is a ingame shot of the popular Eclipse game Vanatus Curse. Again everything from the sprite to the tiles can be easily changed so you game can easily look 100% differant from this one.

Npc Editor ([url=http://']1[/url])
This is where you create all the npcs of the game. There is a scripted npc option if you want something a little differant.

Character Creation Screen ([url=http://']1[/url])
This is where the users of your game will create there character. By Default Eclipse can create up to three characters per account. The background can be changed with a click of a button.

Server ([url=http://']1[/url]) ([url=http://']2[/url]) ([url=http://']3[/url])
This is the server that can manage all the players. You can do most of the commands ingame. You game will run not run unless this server is running.

Mapping Examples (1) (2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(11)


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