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Searching for a comic

formatformat Registered User regular
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I want to find the title of a comic that I read once, maybe someone here can help me.

So a while ago I found a comic I really liked, I read a few pages online and wanted more. I ended up buying a couple issues and enjoyed them (as you do with comics). Today I thought of it for some reason and I want to know if there are any other issues.

I have no idea when it came out, within the last 2 years for sure. The storyline basically played out like this:

A couple kids are goofing off in a store at night when they hear a wierd sound on the roof, they go up to the roof to find a girl they think is dead. It turns out that she is not dead and for some reason has lost her memory.

Shortly after waking up the store is attacked by some kind of monster/alien. I cant really remember much more about the plot, and I probably haven't said much to indicate what I am talking about but the most significant part I remember about the story is it played out like a video game. When people got hit by the monsters a negative red number would show up by them indicating how much 'hp' they had lost. and when enemies died they would just disappear.

Of course I am a bit sketchy on the details and if you have no idea what I am talking about I understand. I am hoping one person out there somewhere knows what I am talking about.

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    Final Fantasy VI

    this would be better suited for the questions thread

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    dial q for questions, friend

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