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Looking for a Job! (former Cert Coordinator)

ShinYiuShinYiu Registered User new member
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Not sure if this would be the correct forum for this, but I thought I'd try!

Any game publisher interested in hiring someone who's VERY familiar with the Xbox 1.0 and 360 Certification processes? After two years as an Xbox Certification Coordinator with VMC, I've decided to move on. I'm open to any position you're willing to offer, especially if it's development centric.

I was involved with the day-to-day operations of the Certification process. This included working with the MS Account/Release Management team, the Compliance and Functional test teams, the Live Ops team, the XCMT team, the PLS team, and other partners to take a game submission from Pre-Certification all the way to RTM.

I'm versed in the submission requirements/upload processes. There's a chance that I was responsible for rejecting one of your submissions if you were missing any of the required documents, information, or files. If you've ever received test disc media in the last two years, there's a high probability that I was the one who placed the order with our TDM partner.

I'm familiar with the innerworkings of Live and had some responsibility for prepping titles for testing by Compliance and Functional on a couple of the Live environments. You know the final Live verification required before a Live title can RFC/RTM? After our Functional team was ready for final Live verification, the Cert Coordinator was the one responsible for prepping/sending the request to the Live Ops team to prop the title to the final Live environment. I'm also well versed with downloadable contents, title-updates, and other Live related materials.

Do you know when your MS AM/RM contacts you about missing Artwork when a title needs to RTM? There's a chance it was the Cert Coordinator who notified the AM/RM.

My Achilles heel is that I only have a Software Testing Certification and no degree. However, I'm very dedicated to gaming and willing to learn. Just as I had devoted the last two years to Xbox Certification, I'm willing to devote my life to whatever comes next.

Please contact me at References provided upon request.

Wing-Yiu Wong
gamertag: ShinYiu01

ShinYiu on


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    Dark MoonDark Moon Registered User regular
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    If you're trying to contact Gabe and Tycho, I'm afraid they don't read the forums. You're best off sending them an email, though don't hold your breath while waiting for a reply.

    If you're hoping a random reader of these forums who happens to be in a managerial position reads this, is currently looking for a Xbox Cerification Coordinator and is willing to hire someone who applied over an internet forum, I wish you the best of luck in your search for a job and suggest that you put your resume up on or Workopolis where there might be a slight chance of someone of importance actually reading your application.

    If you're looking for criticism regarding this cover letter(?), then I have a few points to make. Your tone is far too conversational. A cover letter should be a formal document, so referring to the person reading the document at all, never mind using "you" in reference to them, is a bad idea. The letter is also too general and un-cover letter like. It looks like you're planning on posting this as an ad in the paper, not convincing someone who reads a great deal of cover letters that you're worth following up on, because you are not going to have people chomping at the bit to hire you as an Xbox Certification Coordinator. You need to find a specific position within a specific company where this experience may be an asset, and tailor your letter to that specific position, being sure to include the company name and preferrably addressing it to the hiring person in HR. Explain why you're qualified for the position and why you want the job. Make it short and to the point, though try to keep from slipping into jot notes :P. Provide more contact info should the employer want to contact you. Leaving only an email address will probably get your resume thrown out as soon as it's received, as a lot of employers do pre-interview phone screenings and they won't be bothered to email you to get your phone number so they can call you.

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