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Avid editing, apple, firewire, and my PC

ANTVGM64ANTVGM64 Registered User regular
Hello there, I just had a quick program specific question.

I use Avid Editing (the newest version) on a mac for a lot of my film editing stuff. This is on a mac. I save the data to an external hard drive via fire wire.

on my home PC, i use vista. I have Avid Xpress pro, which after upgrading, I realized did NOT work with vista.

So, my question is three fold:

1) are Avid Documents the same from OS to OS. So my files saved on a mac should work fine on a PC? I think they will, but was just curious.

2) is there any vista compatible video editing programs that aren't going to cost me money? Prefably that open .AVB bin files.

3) If not, Should I be able to use these files from a Mac on Avid Xpress if I downgrade to XP?



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