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Dreamcast and my NEW screen

LeoLeonard3LeoLeonard3 Registered User regular
edited December 2008 in Games and Technology
Okay, no one responded on Moe's and I am desperate:

God, posting this goes against geek code in so many ways.

But, well, I just got my Dreamcast (best console ever) back and I live in a dorm with one screen. Currently thats a HANNspree LCD TV. I rreeaallyy want to play Sonic Adventures. But there are no colour slots on the thing. Just HDMI and a slot that requires me to screw two screws in(no, I dont know what it's called).

So, I want to play my Dreamcast on my Computer Screen. But there is no slot for the Dreamcast Component Cables.

So, my question is: Is there some sort of Component Cable converter for HDMI? Basically, is there ANY way to play my dreamcast on my screen?

Also, I'm a geek. But cables are my weakness so please help.

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