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Intermittent internet failure

QuarterMasterQuarterMaster Registered User regular
edited November 2006 in Help / Advice Forum
At first I just thought it was our ISP (Comcast), but now I'm beginning to doubt that. For the past few days our internet will "shut-down" at random several times per day. I put "shut-down" in quotes because according to my Network Settings and routers we're still connected, but Firefox will give me the ' cannot be found' message. I have no idea what this could any help you guys could offer would be highly appreciated! :) Thanks.

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  • BasarBasar IstanbulRegistered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Have you tried resetting your cable modem? Does the lights blink on your Comcast cable modem?

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  • exoplasmexoplasm Gainfully Employed Near Blizzard HQRegistered User regular
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    It could be a DNS problem.

    To test this, next time your connection is "down" go into a command prompt (Start menu, choose "Run..." and type "cmd" and hit OK) and type in "ping" and hit enter. If you get responses, your connection is working.

    If you are still unable to reach websites while getting responses you should change your DNS settings on your router and/or computers. I just stumbled upon which seems to be pretty cool. Alternatively you can use as a primary DNS server and it should work fine.

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