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Spiffy Shoes for a cocktail (?) party

matisyahumatisyahu Registered User regular
edited December 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
So I'm 21, I'm a guy, I've been invited to a party, the invite says "cocktail attire," and I think that means I'm not going to be able to wear the Pumas with the holes in the toes.

So I guess I have to buy shoes. I don't have any dress shoes so it's probably time to buy some anyways. What shoes are fashionable these days? Penny loafers? Nickel loafers? Meat loafers? Should I be steering away from the loafer aisle? I want the hottest kicks a snappy dude can sport, preferably something that can be found in a gigantic suburban shopping center.

If it matters, I'm going to wear some gray slacks and a shirt with buttons on it, and maybe a golden codpiece with my name embossed on it in Comic Sans. Not sure about the codpiece. Show me some semi-dressy, mega-spiffy shoes, fashionable people, and I'll love you forever.

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    oldsakoldsak Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    I think you're probably pretty safe with most black dress shoes. I prefer loafers, but you have to make sure to stay away from anything that looks too casual. Something like this will probably be fine. Stay away from penny loafers.

    Or you can just do like I do and invest in a quality pair of dress boots. They look sharp and they're a conversation piece. Though it's hard to get away with if you're not from Texas.

    Also, I hate the term "cocktail attire" as it can totally depend on the setting. Be aware that it could mean a suit.

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