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Mega Man X collection flickering problem

JoeslopJoeslop Registered User regular
edited December 2008 in Games and Technology
I debated whether this would be better posted here or in H/A, so if it belongs over there that's fine.

I got this game for the Gamecube a couple of days ago. The disc itself looks fine but when playing the game I have a problem. There is lots of white flickering on the screen, long lines that go side to side, some taller than others. This happens on all of the games on the disc; I've played it on both the Wii and an actual Gamecube, which are on different TVs with different hookups (The Wii is on Component, GC is composite). None of my other games, Wii or GC, do the flickering either.

Is there something defective with the disc that could cause this? There IS a sticker on the top from the resell place I got it but I've bought games from there before that didn't have any problems at all. I've also noticed that the title screen doesn't have any of this flickering until it moves; indeed the whole thing gets worse when there is movement.

Should I take this disc back to where I got it or is there something funky that I'm missing?

EDIT: Strangely, the flickering seems to be gone. I let it sit on the options menu for about 10 minutes (the options menu also didn't flicker) and when I started X1 again it worked fine.

But after I paused it to make this edit, it started up again. I've never seen this happen.

Joeslop on


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    ImranImran Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    Long story short: It will do this on HDTVs. I assume that's where you're playing it.

    Capcom tried to artificially create the flicker in a way that will not bother you on an SDTV. It will, however, be nigh unplayable otherwise.

    Imran on
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    James DekkJames Dekk Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    It does this with the PS2 version as well, I noticed.

    I think the game worked fine with composite cables, but when I used my new component cables the flickering became a problem. Maybe try plugging your Gamecube in with composite cables and see if that helps?

    James Dekk on
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